In the corporate world of suit and tie and tidy ponytails, the blanket concept of “professionalism” is the order of the day. Professionals are supposed to be cool and dispassionate. Smiles are controlled so they don’t slip beyond politeness into actual happiness, and emotive words are stripped of their power and replaced with corporate-speak. Plain talk is reserved for when backs are turned and doors are shut.

But business is theatre in its manic, wide-eyed glory: it is the frantic gesturing, the cheeky grins, the meaningful glare after a profound statement. The grubby shoes, the chin stubble, and the untucked collar add to the flavour, the distinct feel that the guy on the other side of the table is human, who eats and drinks and laughs and has trouble getting out of bed in the morning like you.

Only when the human connection is established, when heart and breath synchronise, can passion and conviction and electricity flow. Without it everything is just sales talk and empty pitching.

Be unprofessional.



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