I am typing this from the departure lounge at Hong Kong Airport, on the way to Singapore for the final leg of investor meetings.

The last few days have been both a productive business trip and one of the best holidays of my life. The team, mashed against each other in a taxi, admiring the Shanghai skyline. Drinking with one of our favorite investors until 4am in Hong Kong and blaming each other for the mess in the sink the next morning. We ate breakfast with a Chinese man with a Ronaldo hairstyle and a Mexican moustache, who went from selling food along the street to listing his restaurant business on the stock market, and then dinner with a young lady who was forced to drop out of university and now rakes in 40m RMB a day selling clothes online. There is no comparison at all to the sanitised, choreographed, shopping-oriented tours I went on when I was younger in this part of the world.

Today I leave the rest of the team behind. They have a few meetings lined up in Hong Kong over the next few days while I tackle Singapore on my own. The goodbye stung: if nothing else, even if all our meetings ended up fruitless, that in itself made the trip more than worthwhile.


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