Self Awareness and Self Acceptance

If you’re earnestly pursing a life with ikigai, self awareness and self acceptance will no doubt be part of the terrain you’ll explore. First we need to get to know ourselves better. We need to understand how our childhood and past experiences have influenced what we believe. Second we need to accept that regardless of what may have happened in the past we only have control over who we are now. Past traumas don’t have to influence how we see or feel about ourselves. Without trying to sound too cheesy, we need to have the courage to love ourselves in order to live with ikigai.

It starts with self acceptance

Becoming who you’re meant to be starts with self acceptance. It’s about embracing what makes you, you, and all the charm and weirdness that comes with it. When we withhold ourselves from other in a way we’re implicitly rejecting ourselves. There’s nothing sadder than a life that’s led not being one’s true self.

So how do we start the journey towards self acceptance? One way could be to take a small step everyday to reveal something honest and vulnerable about ourselves. When we share something personal with others, we’re not only learning to accept ourselves but learning to connect more deeply with others.

What will you share today?